Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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Please register here for the MBYLL 2020 Spring season. Classic teams play on Sundays ($0 cost to towns per team). Select teams play Fridays and/or Saturdays ($1,245 per team). Accuracy in number of teams is paramount. Deadline is February 9th, after which a waitlist will be created. 

If you have any questions before team registration, please email For scheduling related questions, email for issues and/or changes that need to be communicated.

If you need a registration deleted before payment, use the "Edit My Account" feature. If you wish to delete a team after payment, or encounter any other issues, please email for assistance.

Classic Teams: Spring 2020 - Level 1/2 

Team registration (all regions) for Level 1/2 (1st & 2nd graders). This is for MBYLL travel teams only.

Opened: 12/01/2019 Closes: 02/09/2020

59 registrations.
Classic Teams: Spring 2020 - Level 3/4 

Team registration (all regions) for Level 3/4 (3rd & 4th graders).

Opened: 12/01/2019 Closes: 02/09/2020

79 registrations.
Classic Teams: Spring 2020 - Level 5/6 

Team registration (all regions) for Level 5/6 (5th & 6th graders).

Opened: 12/01/2019 Closes: 02/09/2020

72 registrations.
Classic Teams: Spring 2020 - Level 7/8 

Team registration (all regions) for Level 7/8 (7th & 8th graders).

Opened: 12/01/2019 Closes: 02/09/2020

66 registrations.
Select Teams: Spring 2020 - Levels 5/6 & 7/8 

MBYLL Select Team registration is done here. The cost for each Select team is $1,245.

You can use a Mastercard or Visa to complete this transaction. Your registration is NOT complete until you pay.

Please have the names of coaches and contact information for each team that is being registered.  If you do not have the exact contact for each team, you must list an active email address for each team (it can be yours) and this can be changed later before the season. 

TAKE YOUR TIME - You can't delete a registration.

You will be entering the information for 1 team at a time. You can register multiple teams before completing the registration.  Once you have completed the first team's form, LOOK FOR the "Register Another Team"button or the "Click here to register another team" link. It's that easy.

After entering all your teams, click "Pay Now" to complete the registration. The system will keep track of how many teams you have entered.

Base Cost: $1,245.00 

Opened: 12/01/2019 Closes: 02/11/2020