Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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Anyone participating in MBYLL town's lacrosse activities must be a member of MBYLL. The most important reason for this requirement is for the insurance provided to the player and the town program. The insurance coverage is immediate upon completion and payment for the players membership.

What Does Player Memberships Go Towards?:

  • Year round secondary insurance coverage for all players lacrosse activities. If you registered for membership PRIOR to Aug 1, your covereage is good through Dec 31, 2020. If you registered for membership ON OR AFTER Aug 1, your covereage is good through Dec 31, 2021. This insurance is NOT just for the 8-week Spring Season. Many of our member towns conduct summer play, fall clinics and games, winter skills and indoor sessions in addition to the spring season.
  • Insurance coverage for the player's Town Program, which they need to use/rent fields and conduct events.
  • Insurance coverage for the player's volunteer coaches. MBYLL has 2,000 volunteer coaches who put in countless hours of time on and off the field to help teach kids how to play lacrosse.
  • Training and National Background Checks on all volunteer coaches. MBYLL is committed to both educating our coaches on Abuse Prevention, but our player's safety in not only screening locally through CORI checks, but MBYLL runs National Background Checks on all coaches each year.
  • Creation of the MBYLL Spring Season 3,000+ game schedule. MBYLL hires a company to work with our 96 member towns in compiling number of teams at all levels, field availability for each week, and hours within each week, to create teh best possible scheudle for every team. Many considerations come into play such as blocking teams so siblings are playing at the same town/field each weekend, attempting to have every team play 8 different towns/teams throughout the season, working through week(s) where a town's field is not available at all, and more.
  • Investing back into the developent of lacrosse in Massachusetts through educational clinics for players and coaches, year round lacrosse activities, marketing and promotion of the sport and more.
  • The hiring of support staff. MBYLL is a volunteer driven league managed by a completely volunteer Board of Directors. As the league continues to grow with 96 towns programs and over 12,000 players, the board has hired part-time and contract staff to provide the best possible experience for our town programs, coaches, players and families. 


TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Do you need any help completing your player's membership or registering with your local town program? Contact the MBYLL support desk at