Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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Starting in 2020, MBYLL began conducting National Background Checks on all registered coaches.  This is in addition to the CORI Checks the town program also conducts on each of their coaches.

The National Background Check is part of MBYLL's ongoing policy to create a fun and safe environment for kids to play lacrosse in Central and Eastern Massachusetts. Our policy was formed following best practices models for determining coaching/administration background clearances. In addition to the National Background Checks, all coaches will take an online Abuse Prevention Training Course.

CORI CHECKS - The local town program will continue to conduct CORI checks on all of their coaches and will make determinations on allowing someone to be a coach should anything come back on the CORI report.

NATIONAL BACKGROUND CHECK - All National Background Checks that return "Flagged" will follow the following process.

  1. A 3-person panel, made up of 2 people from MBYLL and 1 person from that coach's town program, will review the National Background Check. The MBYLL panel members are chosen by the MBYLL Board of Directors. The Town panel representative is to be chosen by the Town Director of Town Board.
  2. The panel will make an intial determination via majority vote if the report should disqualify the individual from being a MBYLL coach.
  3. If the initial determination is to disqualify the individual, the panel will then reach out to the individual, informing them of the report, and the panels decision.  They will ask the individual if they would like to dispute the report and/or appeal the panel as to why they should be allowed to coach/
  4. If disputing or asking for appeal, the panel will schedule a conference call or face to face meeting within 15 days.
  5. Following the individuals appeal, the panel will make a final determination via majority vote within 3 days of the appeal.