Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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Power Rankings

  • The MBYLL Select tournament will be held over the final two weeks of the season.
  • Where practical there will be six (6) playoff brackets. Every team will appear in one of them:
    • U15 D1  Championship Bracket                     U13 D1 Championship Bracket
    • U15 D2 Championship Bracket                      U13 D2 Championship Bracket
    • U15 "Best-of-the-Rest" Bracket                     U13 "Best-of-the-Rest" Bracket
  • The Select Competition Committee will determine seeding for each bracket
    • As part of this process, the SCC will use a formula to determine a power-ranking
    • The formula includes the following factors, listed in order of weighted importance
  1. Your win/loss record
  2. Your opponents' win/loss record
  3. Your opponents' opponents' win/loss record
  4. Cross divisional adjustment (regardless of a victory or defeat)
  • At NO point will Goal-differential, or Goals be considered in setting brackets or seedings


NO team will be eligible for Post Season play unless they have submitted a properly filled out roster.

Click here for the Current Roster Form


  • Power Rankings