Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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MBYLL "Sportsman of the Week" Nominations and Winners
In an effort to grow and honor the game of lacrosse, MBYLL is recognizing those players and coaches who promote sportsmanship, integrity, character, and fair play. Each week, we will select one player and one coach from nomination submissions to be our league's "Sportsman of the Week."
To nominate a player or coach for examplary acts of sportsmanship, please Click Here!
2019 Honorees
Week 1 Player "Sportsman of the Week": JACK ROYCROFT of Westwood Youth Lacrosse
Week 1 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": STU SALYER of Weston Youth Lacrosse
Week 2 Player "Sportsman of the Week": EVAN LIND of Milford Youth Lacrosse
Week 2 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": MARK HASBROUCK of North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse
Week 3 Player "Sportsman of the Week": CONNOR ROY of Triton Youth Lacrosse
Week 3 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": CHAD GADBOIS of Danvers Youth Lacrosse
Week 4 Player "Sportsman of the Week": GARRETT WILLWERTH of Northboro-Southboro Youth Lacrosse
Week 4 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": CEAN COMLEY of Leominster Youth Lacrosse
Week 5 Player "Sportsman of the Week": KAIN KILLIAN of Chelmsford Youth Lacrosse
Week 5 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": MATT EHRLICH of Westborough Youth Lacrosse
Week 6 Player "Sportsman of the Week": NICHOLAS BALICKI of Reading Youth Lacrosse
Week 6 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": ROBERT KELLEY of Saugus Youth Lacrosse
Week 7 Player "Sportsman of the Week": JORDAN GOPIN of Sharon Youth Lacrosse
Week 7 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": KEVIN NEMSICK of Shrewsbury Youth Lacrosse
Week 8 Player "Sportsman of the Week": BROGAN BECKMAN of Amesbury Youth Lacrosse
Week 8 Coach "Sportsman of the Week": MARK MATIJEVIC of Marlborough Hudson Youth Lacrosse