Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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MBYLL Sportsmanship Nominations
In an effort to grow and honor the game of lacrosse, MBYLL is recognizing those players, coaches and officials who promote sportsmanship, integrity, character, and fair play. Throughout the 2022 season, coaches, town adminstrators, referees and parents can nominate a player, coach or referee to be recognized by MBYLL
At the end of the season, MBYLL will select top nominations for players, coaches and officials to recognize and reward for their sportsmanship towards the game of lacrosse! Those selected will be recognized on the MBYLL website, social media platforms and email newsletter. They will also receive a reward form the league and/or leage sponsors.
To nominate a player, coach or referee for examplary acts of sportsmanship, please CLICK HERE!