Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League
MBYLL Officers & 13 Members on the Board of Directors
2019 – 2020 Board & Key Regional Committees
1. President: *Tom Spangenberg (Dover-Sherborn)          Term Expires September 2019
(Board chairman, lead monthly Board mtgs., sponsor support & growth)                                                                     
*President may transition to non-voting Board member as Past-President & Advisor for 2 years after leaving office.
2. Secretary: Jim Olivier (Westford)          Term Expires September 2019 
(Board mtg. agenda/minutes/procedures, Bylaws, Contracts, State Filings)                                                                  
3. Treasurer: Dawn Kissane (Ashland)          Term Expires September 2020
(Budgeting, Finance, Taxes & Accounting, manage banking bookkeeper)                                                                    
4. VP, League Operations: VACANT          Term Expires September 2020
(Online registration & support systems, schedule, refs, competition committee)                                                           
5. VP, Communications: Eric Smith (Arlington)          Term Expires September 2019
(Communications, The Scoop, TeamApp, social media, website brand, & Colonials)                                                   
6. Director, Coaching Education: Dave Johns (North Andover)          Term Expires September 2020
(Coaching education & certification, training, safety, communication & USL liaison)                                                 
7. Director, Jamboree Operations: Larry Cordio (Leominster)          Term Expires September 2019 
(Coordinates Mass Bay Jamboree logistics, schedule, sponsors & communication)                                                     
8. Director, Region 1, NE: Ken Swenson (Ipswich)          Term Expires September 2019
(Region represents Northeast & North Shore area towns)                                                                                              
9. Director, Region 2, NW: Jim Dalton (Chelmsford)          Term Expires September 2019
(Region represents Northwest & North Central area towns)                                                                                          
10. Director, Region 3, WC: Scott Rynkowski (Grafton)          Term Expires September 2020
(Region represents Western & Central area towns)                                                                                                        
11. Director, Region 4, MW: Mary Ayotte (Framingham)          Term Expires September 2020
(Region represents Metrowest & Greater Boston area towns)                                                                                        
12. Director, Region 5, SC: Bob Thompson (King Philip)          Term Expires September 2019
(Region represents Southwest & South Central area towns)                                                                                           
13. Director, Sport Development: Rick Zaccardo (Reading)         Term Expires September 2020
(Region represents Southeast, South Shore, Cape & Islands area towns)                                                                      
Key Regional Committees: (each member town must volunteer to serve on at least 1 key committee)
Coaching Education & Sport Development Committee (minimum of 3 members per Region)
MBYLL Select, Tournament & Jamboree Committee (minimum of 3 members per Region)
Competition & Game Administration Committee (minimum of 3 members per Region)
Game Scheduling, Web & App Support Committee (minimum of 2 members per Region)
Town Membership & Mentoring Support Committee (minimum of 3 members per Region)