Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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2022 Jamboree Game Rules

The 2022 MBYLL Jamboree will be played with MBYLL Classic Game rules

with the following exceptions:


Game Length and Format:

Games will be 40 minutes in length, played in two 18-minute running-time halves with 4-minute halftime break


Time-outs & Substitutions:

No time-outs will be allowed and substitutions should be made "on-the-fly" or during dead-ball situations as quickly as possible



Penalties for L56 and L78 games will be time-serving penalties (penalty time kept by field administrators assigned to each field). Because of running time clock, penalties will be multipled by 1.5 (30-second technical fouls will become 45-second penalties / 1-minute personal fouls will be come 90-second penalties, etc.)

Penalties for L12 and L34 will not be time-serving (all even, all the time). The offended team will be given a fast-break opportunity from the center line. The offending player should be removed for the game and kneel in the box for at least the duration of the type of penalty (technical fouls = 45 seconds / personal fouls = 90 seconds, etc.) and can be elibile to return via substitution after the penalty time expires (unless a goal is scored before the penalty time expires)


Ejections / Unsportsmanlike Penalties:

Players who are given an Unsportsmanlike Penalty or an Unneccesary Roughness Penalty will be removed for the remainder of the half.

Players who are ejected from the game will not partake in any Jamboree games for the rest of the weekend.