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Information about Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse

MBYLL (Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League), as stated in its Mission, promotes the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Massachusetts by providing leadership, guidance, training, and structure to anyone interested in lacrosse.

If you have any questions about lacrosse in Massachusetts, don't hesitate to ask and we will try and get you the appropriate response. 

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(Once complete, go to your town program website and complete your town registration using your MBYLL number.)


Grow The Game 3000

MBYLL Launches Grow The Game 3000 Fundraiser

Major fundraising initiative to provide equipment and memberships to 1,000 players in 2022


March 9, 2021 (Natick, MA) –Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) today announced a new fundraising initiative, Grow the Game 3000, to support equipment, membership, and program grants throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts for 2022 to increase youth lacrosse participation. Donations are being accepted now at

“The initial costs for a new player are undoubtably a barrier to some in having their child play youth lacrosse,” said Jim Dalton, MBYLL President. “We are launching this fundraising campaign to eliminate that barrier completely for 500 players and provide another 500 players with free sticks for 2022.”

Grow the Game 3000 has the goal of raising $300,000 by September 30. With this fund, MBYLL will-

  1. Cover the costs and provide the following for 500 new players:
  • Town Membership Fee
  • Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves
  • Complete stick
  • Lacrosse Cleats
  • League Membership Fee
  • Uniform
  1. Distribute an additional 500 sticks to returning MBYLL players
  2. Provide a total of $50,000 in grants for the league and member towns to use towards Grow the Game initiatives such as, but not limited to: Learn to Lax Clinics, getting lacrosse into elementary schools, community outreach for new players, player scholarships, and player equipment.

The basis of the campaign name is to find 3,000 individuals, families, or businesses to donate $100 in support of giving more kids the opportunity to play lacrosse next year. While $100 is the goal per donation, donations of any amount will be accepted. CLICK HERE to donate today.

“This league wide initiative will allow MBYLL to support growth in all 96 of our member programs by fully funding players in need in every town and having the ability to financially support programs specific to their town and programs that expose kids to lacrosse across the region,” said Kevin Barney, MBYLL Director of Sales & Marketing.

MBYLL will announce over the summer how town programs and individual families can apply for the 500 fully funded player equipment, memberships and uniforms, as well as the 500 complete sticks. Town Programs will also be able to apply starting in July for Grants to support Grow the Game Initiatives in their towns.

For more information on Grow the Game 3000, please contact Kevin Barney, MBYLL Director of Sales & Marketing at


About Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League:
MBYLL (Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League), as stated in its Mission, promotes the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Massachusetts by providing leadership, guidance, training, and structure to anyone interested in lacrosse. MBYLL represents 120+ towns in eastern & central Massachusetts with over 10,000 players in 1st through 8th grades on 800 teams led by 2,000 volunteer coaches. For more information about MBYLL please visit

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Get Up & Play Challenge



Monday, January 18 to Wednesday, March 31

A major consequence of this pandemic has been kids secluded in their homes and a major reduction in play, outside activities and in our lacrosse world, a lack of playing opportunities for the average lacrosse player.

While some have found ways to be outside or playing club lacrosse, too many have been stuck inside on the couch with their video games and may not have picked up their lacrosse stick since last March.

If this is your child…this contest is for you! This contest is FREE, its simple and meant to provide inspiration for you to encourage your child to “get off the couch”, goals and motivation for your child to look for ways to get outside and get their stick in their hand over the coming weeks!

Starting Monday, January 18 your child can earn up to 2 points per day for simply getting outside to play, and doing any type of lacrosse activity! From January 18-March 31, track their points using the calendars below. For each “YES” they get 1 point. If they earn 70 points over the 73 days, you will submit calendars to MBYLL and your child will earn 1 raffle ticket to win prizes from MBYLL! For each additional 5 points over 70, they earn and additional raffle ticket!

Read the complete rules and download the tracking calendars by clicking HERE

Prizes and virtual practices will be announced next week!

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State of the League Report

State of the League

An MBYLL Report - November 2020

Presented by Jim Dalton, President, MBYLL Board of Directors



Understatement of the year, 2020 was an unprecedented, scary, challenging, disappointing and while a year we would like to forget, it will be a year that we learn and grow from as well. For the first time in MBYLL’s 29-year history, the Classic Spring Season did not take place. This report is meant to provide transparency and more clarity to what the Board of Directors faced in the past year, decisions that were made, and the financial implications that impacted our league, member town programs, and most importantly the players and families that play youth lacrosse in MBYLL.

Preparations have begun to play our Spring 2021 season. We are excited to get kids back on the lacrosse field, but also aware of concerns, hesitancy and how communication continues to be critical. We are going to follow all health and government guidelines and will work with them to make sure we return kids to the field in the Spring!


2020 Review

On March 8th and 9th, we hosted our first two Coach Certification Clinics and on March 10th we held our monthly Board of Directors Meeting. Those three days started a change we had never seen. At the March 10th Board Meeting we decided to pause all in-person Coach Certification Clinics (with 8 more on the calendar). On March 13, schools were being temporarily closed.

Like most, we made educated assumptions that this was a temporary pause. Within 3 days we created multiple online certification courses so our coaches could continue preparation remotely to be ready for the start of our season. The board then met weekly through the end of May, on an unheard-of platform at the time called Zoom.

The challenges faced by the Board were short and long term. There is a tremendous amount of effort and resources that go into putting on the 8-week Spring Season. The schedule alone is a complex web of field availability, number of teams, and limiting travel while providing a fair schedule amongst a range of opponents. Player registration, rules, field and player equipment purchases are made. Our expanded Coach Registration, Compliance and Certification was well under way providing not only additional education for our volunteer coaches but added safety mechanisms for the thousands of youth players. MBYLL conducted National Background Checks on all coaches, in addition to the Massachusetts CORI Checks that the town programs run. We also required all coaches to take a certified online Abuse Prevention Training Course.

While the focus is on the 8-week Spring Season, the MBYLL Insurance Policy we get on behalf of all 15,000 players, 2,000 coaches and 96 town programs is a year-round policy. It allows programs to conduct pre-season practice and indoor events. Many towns operate skills clinics and in-town games throughout the Fall that require both individual and program insurance to host on town fields.

What does all this mean and how did it impact our decisions as a Board during the beginning of the pandemic? A large portion of our annual budget is spent or contracted prior to the first Classic Game being played in April. Below is an overview of the MBYLL budget so you can better understand our operational budget. Like many, we did not want to pull the plug on the season in early March, when sentiment was that in the coming weeks this might pass, and we could return to playing sports. MBYLL hosted 15 online “clinics” for players, coaches and parents over the last 2 weeks of March to educate and keep everyone ready to play as soon we were told we could.

As the weeks went on, the reality began to set in that a Spring season was very unlikely. Now the biggest challenge was upon us. How to continue operations to allow for potential Summer and Fall activities, and work through the funds collected through player memberships and town fees. The board also wanted to ensure the ability of MBYLL and all 96 town programs to continue operations into the future while understanding the numerous families that were now being affected by the pandemic.

Hearing from our town programs, and many families, that wanted us to keep open the possibility to play lacrosse into the Summer and Fall, the decision was made not to cancel the insurance policy for players and towns. With the schedule having been completed and the insurance policy remaining intact, the board reviewed money that would be available to refund players and town programs and the process that would be needed to implement these refunds.

It was determined that there was approximately $10 per player available for refund after considering expenditures such as insurance and scheduling. At that time, the only option to return money to families was to write checks and envelopes to the more than 11,000 families. While not wanting to diminish the value of $10 to anyone, the board did see more value to returning a larger refund to every Town Program that would give them more flexibility in supporting local families they know more personally who were in need and could provide more than the $10 to those families. The decision was made to not try and send thousands of $10 refunds, but to refund Town Programs in full.

In addition to the Town Refunds, the Board approved using past season’s reserves to create a Town Youth Lacrosse Preservation Fund. This Fund would allow the board to greater support town programs in need to get through the pandemic, for potential Summer and Fall programing and ensuring youth lacrosse in 2021 and beyond.

Please continue to read below to learn more about MBYLL, how the league operates financially and operationally and our view for 2021 and beyond.


How MBYLL Operates as a Business

MBYLL is a 501c3 non-profit member organization. Who are our members? 96 town programs and the thousands of families that play youth lacrosse within those towns.

MBYLL is directed by our By-Laws and the 14-person Board of Directors. The Board is made up of volunteers and positions include President, VP of Operations, Secretary, Directors of Communications, Coach Education and Jamboree Operations.

Over 60% of MBYLL’s annual revenue comes from Player Memberships.

In 2017, the MBYLL Board voted to no longer require US Lacrosse Membership for players and coaches, and in-turn required players purchase a membership with MBYLL that includes the necessary insurance. The MBYLL Board’s plan was to obtain similar, if not better, insurance and use any additional funds to invest back into our lacrosse communities and provide better statewide services to our member towns, coaches and players. We have now become a year-round membership organization.

These efforts were very successful. This new way of operating has allowed MBYLL to provide Enrichment Funds to each region that have been used to run numerous special events, discounts and clinics. With players registering with MBYLL, this was the first time we knew who was playing youth lacrosse in Massachusetts. This has provided us the opportunity to secure member discounts and special access to events and market these directly to players and families.

As MBYLL has continued to grow, the board knew professional paid support was needed to provide the best services to our member towns and families. Over the past 3 years the Board has approved the hiring of support staff to meet these needs. MBYLL now has support staff that oversees the website and registration programs, support staff to promptly and professionally respond to all registration questions from member families, and a Director of Sales & Marketing who works to support all Board members in day to day activities, brings in new partners and sponsors, is tasked with promoting the game of lacrosse to attract new players, and develops new events for players, coaches and town administrators.

MBYLL will continue to focus the majority of the budget on providing to players, coaches and town programs. The board does believe in the continued need for paid administrative support to continue to grow the game of lacrosse in your town and across the state of Massachusetts. These paid positions also make it easier for someone to volunteer their time as a coach, town board member, regional committee or for the MBYLL board of directors.

Percentage of overall Revenue for 2021 fiscal year (October 1, 2020 to September 20, 2021):

64% of MBYLL’s revenue comes from Player Membership fees.

13% comes from Town Registration Fees

15% comes from the Jamboree, corporate sponsorship, and the Select League.

8% of the 2021 budget is coming from past year’s surpluses. This was approved to allow for lowering of member fees while providing the same services and growth potential.


Percentage of overall expenditures for 2021 fiscal year (October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021):

51% of the budget expense is spent on players, coaches and the Spring season. These expenses include the year-round insurance for players and coaches, the Spring season schedule creation; referee scheduling and coordination, and enrichment programs directed straight back to regions, towns and players.

25% of funds are directed to paid administrative support positions. These positions run day to day operations of the league, support the volunteer board of directors and follow their direction for the league. The staff provides support for member families when completing online memberships, works with all member towns with tech and league support, and manages the league’s website, social media accounts and email newsletter.

17% of funds go towards administrative operations such as credit card processing fees, tax auditor and preparation, business supplies, office & storage rental fees, meetings and special events.

7% of funds go towards “Growing the Game” initiatives. These include Learn to Lax clinics, marketing and promoting accomplishments and community involvement of our Town Programs and promoting Spring Lacrosse across all platforms to reach potential new players.


Look ahead at 2021

Following the cancelled 2020 season, we appealed to our Insurance Provider to look at our 2020 insurance and asked for relief. While still keeping our 2020 policy paid and active, the appeal worked, and we were given a credit for the 2021 insurance policy. The board took this reduction and along with allocating funds from previous years, approved a $10 reduction in per player membership costs was approved for the 2021 year, bringing memberships down to $30 per player.

We have developed a new Refund Policy that would be enacted if we are forced to cancel the Spring season. The policy is a scaled refund for the $30 player membership fee based on the date the season is forced to be cancelled. MBYLL would keep the player/town insurance for the 2021 calendar year, allowing lacrosse activities to take place when it was safe and permitted by state and local officials. CLICK HERE to read the new MBYLL Refund Policy.

MBYLL will continue to invest in our coaches and players safety through the use of the SafetyOne platform to conduct National Background Checks and Abuse Prevention Training Courses for our 2,000+ volunteer coaches. We believe in investing in the safety and education or our coaches to best provide to our youth players.

MBYLL will continue to showcase the sport of lacrosse to attract new players and to highlight the successes on and off the field of our players, coaches and town programs.


Future of MBYLL

For the future of MBYLL, we are currently undergoing a strategic planning process with our board to look at everything from “Mission” to long range planning - 3 years, 5 years and 10 years out. We will be defining steps to be taken to operationalize this plan when it is completed. This is being completed over a 3-month period and should give us a solid plan and direction for the future.

A few things that will never change within this process are the commitment we make to providing all the important details to help towns and kids to have a good operating structure to our league activities. From the main season in the spring to the additional serves we have grown into, in serving our communities and membership, throughout the year.

We have grown into a membership organization that provides services far beyond simply scheduling the spring season. The current pandemic has hurt us all, however we are structured to endure this terrible event in our history and continue to plan for next season and adapt accordingly. We will adapt as long as we have to, we are in it for the long haul and will remain active in preserving youth lacrosse and when able, to grow the game for all youth in Massachusetts.

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2021 Player Refund Policy

2021 MBYLL Player Refund Policy

(November 13, 2020)

The $30 Player memberships provide immediate insurance coverage to players that last through Dec 31, 2021. While the spring season is the focus of youth lacrosse in Massachusetts, memberships provide year-round insurance coverage for coaches and town programs that is used to host lacrosse activities throughout the year.  

The MBYLL Board approved a new refund policy should the season be forced to cancel the Spring season. Taken into account was the expenditures that are incurred prior to the start of the season, keeping the year-round insurance policy for players, coaches and town programs, and being able to continue operations in future years for youth lacrosse in Massachusetts.


If MBYLL is forced to cancel the 2021 season for any reason, such as a Covid-19 health emergency, MBYLL will KEEP the player, coach & town program insurance policy ACTIVE for the 2021 calendar year. This will allow players and programs to conduct lacrosse activities at any time during the year when permissible by state and local authorities.

MBYLL will provide the following to players based on the date the season is cancelled:
* Prior to Jan 1, 2021 - $25 refund (83% refund)
* Prior to Feb 26, 2021 - $20 refund (66% refund)
* Prior to March 14, 2021 - $10 credit for 2022 (players in 8th grade will be sent a $10 refund check)
* After March 14, 2021 – MBYLL will send financial support direct to Town Programs to allow them to give a greater refund on town fees charged to families.

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MBYLL Partners with Signature Lacrosse

MBYLL has partnered again with Signaute Lacrosse for the 2021 season to provide discounted lacrosse balls, quick connect goals, complete sticks and more to Town Programs, coaches, players and families in MBYLL.

Signature Lacrosse is one of the most trusted brands in the sport today and MBYLL is excited to offer these discounts-

  • Case of 120 balls for $135
  • Shooter bag of 25 balls for $67.46
  • Quick Connect Goals starting at $180
  • and more!

Simply CLICK HERE and use code MBYLL10 at checkout!

by posted 10/29/2020
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