Community-based boys youth lacrosse league in Massachusetts

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Information about Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse

MBYLL (Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League), as stated in its Mission, promotes the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Massachusetts by providing leadership, guidance, training, and structure to anyone interested in lacrosse.

If you have any questions about lacrosse in Massachusetts, don't hesitate to ask and we will try and get you the appropriate response. 

If you have technical issues with registration please email

Thank you for your interest in lacrosse!


Click the graphic (below) to register your child for the 2020 Boys MBYLL season.

(Once complete, go to your town program website and complete your town registration using your MBYLL number.)


Return to Play Update

On Saturday, June 6, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced that Phase II of the state's reopeneing plan would begin on Monday, June 8.  For youth lacrosse leagues, this means the opportunity to organize local, small group, non-contact practices following the state's standards.


MBYLL Reurn to Play Support Guide

CLICK HERE to download the MBYLL Return to Play Support Guide. The guide provides information on MBYLL insurance, links to the state's youth sports standards for reopening, US Lacrosse Return to Play, Sadler Insurance Coronavirus Risk Management info, and the Aspen Sports Institute's Return to Play Risk Assentment Tool. In addition we outline 26 steps for town programs to implement to begin hosting practices. 

We want all town programs interested in hosting practices, and all families interested in having their childrend attend, to be abel to do so in a safe environment that follows all local and state restrictions and guidelines.  The health and safety of our players and coaches is the utmost importance.

The better we all do at following the guidelines established will only help in continuing to move the state in the right direction of reopening and returning to full play.

by posted 06/07/2020
MBYLL Season Update - 4/29/20

April 29, 2020 -- The MBYLL Board of Directors voted last week to cancel the 8 game Classic Schedule and the Select Regular and Post Season Games. While disappointing to have to do so, MBYLL has not cancelled lacrosse for the rest of the year.  The schedule was cancelled so the league could provide financial relief to Town Programs so they could in-turn give back to their families, especially those impacted the most by the coronavirus pandemic.


MBYLL will continue to monitor and follow advice and guidelines from state officials on the ability to return to outdoor youth sports activities. If the opportunity provides for lacrosse activities to resume, MBYLL will support local, regional and league wide events.  The board is also exploring how to save town programs and individual families on 2021 MBYLL season fees.


What MBYLL has done-

  1. Provided all programs with 100% refund of their town fee and select team fees to help them in providing the greatest financial relief back to families in their town.
  2. Kept the 2020 MBYLL Player and Coach insurance policies in place to provide coverage for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.
  3. Created the “Town Youth Lacrosse Preservation Fund” to support local, regional or league wide lacrosse initiatives this summer, fall and winter.
  4. Voted to extend Coach Certification for an extra year for both those coaches who were certified in 2019 and those who completed certification for this season.  This will save coaches and town programs money for the 2021 season.

What MBYLL is exploring-

  1. Hosting a modified version of the MBYLL Jamboree at Fort Devens (June 13-14 & 20-21) if the state allows. Devens has not cancelled the event as of Apr 29.
  2. An MBYLL funded event for 8th grade players this Summer or Fall.
  3. Exploring possibilities to seek financial relief in some form for insurance costs now and in the future.
  4. Regional pick-up lacrosse days this summer or fall.


We will share more information on future opportunities as soon as possible. Thank you to all who love our sport, who wanted to try the sport, and those who share in our mission to grow the sport of lacrosse in Massachusetts. Stay healthy and safe!

by posted 04/29/2020
THE SCOOP - Volume IV, Issue II

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